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We have an extensive range of scooter accessories. Multiple accessories may be put on your scooter thanks to our special multi-point adaptor.

Large, lockable storage compartment for placement on the rear of the mobility scooter.

Large Rear Storage Compartment

Small, lockable grey storage compartment, located on the rear of the mobility scooter.

Small Rear Storage Compartment

Attatchable cane and walking stick holder, with extra flag holder slot.

Cane Holder

Hi viz headrest cover.

Hi Viz Headrest Cover

Attachable rear storage basket made from plastic for extra durability..

Rear Storage Basket

Attachable rear golf bag holder.

Rear Golf Bag Holder

Attachable water resistant shower and sun roof.

Shower/Sun Roof

Specially designed cover for Nordic Mobility Scooters.

Mobility Scooter Dust/Rain Cover

Specially designed access ramp to make transportation easier.

Aluminium Bi-Folding 6ft Ramp for Mobility Scooter Transportation

Detachable, easy-to-adjust walking cane with a fold-away system for easy storage.

Walking Cane

Tame the elements with our heavy duty canopy.

Heavy Duty Canopy

Sturdy, large backpack.

Backpack Large

Specially designed steering console cover.

Console Cover

Specially designed armrest bag.

Armrest Bag

We have have the following batteries and chargers for the Luxury Explorer.

75Ah battery specifically for use with Nordic's Luxury Explorer model.

Luxury Explorer Battery

8Ah Charging Cable specific to Nordic's Luxury Explorer model.

Luxury Explorer Charger

Includes speed meters, battery displays, keys and key boxes, hazard switches, horn switches, indicator switches, headlight and rear light switches.

Luxury Explorer Dashboard

Spare parts include the plastic covers that fit on both the upside and downside of the steering column. Front basket and side view mirrors not included.

Luxury Explorer Steering Column

Steering handles – the Foam Covers are not included.

Luxury Explorer steering handle

Steering handles – Foam Covers only.

Luxury Explorer steering handle covers

All parts shown included.

Luxury Explorer Seat Levers and Controls

Includes all parts needed for attachment to Mobility Scooter.

Luxury Explorer Front Basket

Tiller base rubber only.

Luxury Explorer Tiller Base Rubber

Includes holders for mirror installation.

Luxury Explorer Rear View Mirror Set

Parts and fixing cam for installation included.

Luxury Explorer Fixing Cam

Parts for front bumper installation included.

Luxury Explorer Front Bumper

Includes left and right holders.

Luxury Explorer Bearing Holders

Charging port for mobility scooter.

Luxury Explorer Charging Port

Includes attachment and throttle lever.

Luxury Explorer Hand Throttle

Includes fuses for the power and the charger.

Luxury Explorer Fuse and Fuse Box
Luxury Explorer Mobility Scooter Horn

Spigot pole only.

Luxury Explorer Spigot Pole

Includes headlight cover and LED headlight bulb.

Luxury Explorer Headlight Bulb and Shell Set

Rubber Foot Mat.

Luxury Explorer Foot Mat

Front body cover only.

Luxury Explorer Front Body Cover

Rear body cover only.

Luxury Explorer Rear Body Cover

Includes rear lights, indicator lights and hazard lights.

Luxury Explorer Rear Lighting and Indicators