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Q/ Do I need a license to ride a Nordic Mobility Scooter?

A/ No license is required to use your scooter, we will provide you with a free "keeping mobile" Safety Booklet on how to safely use your scooter.

Q/ Do you provide in-home demonstrations?

A/ Yes - we will visit you in your home to ensure you find the most suitable mobility scooter to meet your individual needs.

Q/ How do I purchase a Nordic Mobility Scooter?

A/ All Nordic Mobility Scooter agents have brochures to give you. They can also arrange a suitable time for Nordic to visit you at your home, or you can call 0800 69 66 73 to arrange a time yourself. Nordic will then show you and let you try the suitable mobility scooters and help you decide what's best for you with your free in-home demonstration.

Q/ Do you provide servicing and repairs for Nordic Mobility Scooters?

A/ Yes - we have excellent after-sales service and we also offer full servicing on all our Nordic Mobility Scooters by our senior technicians. We recommend that you have your scooter serviced every 6 months.

Q/ How can I learn to ride my new Nordic Mobility Scooter?

A/ On purchasing your scooter, we will spend time with you and teach you how ride it, and show you all of it's functions to ensure you feel completely confident and comfortable.

Q/ What happens if I have a problem on the side of the road?

A/ Every new Nordic Mobility Scooter sold comes with AA Roadside Service, you just call AA and they will come and get you and your scooter home safely. You can then phone Nordic to arrange to have your scooter looked at.

Q/ Do you offer a warranty on Nordic Mobility Scooters?

A/ Yes - we have a standard 3 years on all structured frame components, and 6 months limited warranty on batteries, electrical and other parts. For full warranty details please visic, or contact us on 0800 696 673.

Q/ What is the average lifespan of the Nordic Mobility Scooter battery packs?

A/ The batteries should normally last a minimum of two years and can last in excess of five years.

Q/ Is it legal to ride my Nordic Mobility Scooter on footpaths?

A/ Yes - Mobility Scooters are a "Pedestrian Mobility Device", and therefore are authorized for use on footpaths. You should normally only be on the road if you are crossing over the road.

Q/ Can I ride my Nordic Mobility Scooter indoors?

A/ Yes - all Nordic Mobility Scooters have sealed lead/acid batteries designed for indoor use, and being electric there is no risk of dropping any oil.

Q/ Can I ride my Nordic Mobility Scooter in the rain?

A/ Yes - but it is not recommended to ride on very wet days, or to ride your scooter through deep puddles.

Q/ Does Nordic offer finance?

A/ Yes - we use a New Zealand owned friendly finance company for our Nordic customers, and we can help you with your application.

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