Nordic Mobility Logo Bear The Nordic Mobility Logo

The amazing connection of a 13 year old girl and her Grandparents

The original logo with the two polarbears was designed by a 13 year old girl named Sarah, who won the hearts of the judges in the Nordic Logo Design competition with her beautiful artwork and amazing story.

"I tried to put a lot of meaning into my design," Sarah explains, "The inner circle connecting the two polar bears represents the Earth and isn't perfectly round, just like the real Earth. Sometimes Grandparents become like the Earth, and become not quite physically perfect."

"Nordic will help our Grandparents to become more mobile and appear strong again to their loved ones, just like the Nana and Popa bears I've drawn, so that they can take their Grandchildren to the park to play."

When asked about the polar bears, Sarah replies: "The Nana polar bear is pictured on the left with a 'smiling ready to hug me' stance whenever I need her. The Popa polar bear also has a big smile and is ready for action and to play and have a lot of fun with me."

Nordic Mobility Logo